"I just wouldn’t be comfortable with it and I don’t know why.”
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It appears that sex-ed in America's classrooms hasn't done much to eliminate ignorance and confusion. Witness the recent caller to Loveline who wondered about the relationship between sex, orgasm and...lactation.
Throughout the ages, man has pondered the eternal questions: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? How long, exactly -- in inches, please -- is a "big" penis? Fortunately, Loveline's Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood specialize in answering big questions. So when a caller dials up wondering "How big is 'big'," they are ready.
A Loveline caller is beginning to knock the pounds off but she has an unusual concern that only Loveline's Dr. Drew and Mike can handle.
Some jobs require education, training, certification, preparation... and then there is phone sex. Who decides whether a person is qualified to provide phone sex? Is there a certification board? A blindfolded jury?
Loveline's Dr. Drew fields a call from a guy who wonders if it's a good idea for his girlfriend to get laser liposuction. Co-host Mike Catherwood wonders how fast the weight really comes off. Could it be... instantaneous? Is it weight loss? Is it magic? Is it light sabers?
A woman calls up Loveline looking for advice: Her boyfriend wants to have a threesome. And good news! He's found a woman willing to be the third! Check the video for the sage response from co-hosts Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood.
Favorite gum flavor? Best video game? Thoughts on flavored condoms? Take a tour around the Loveline studio during a commercial break as Dr. Drew, Mike, and guest Chris Jericho answer completely random questions from the audience, as selected by Tyler, Loveline's Web guy.