Mark Esper

Stars and Stripes dates back to the Civil War and has published continuously since World War II, reporting on U.S. military service members around the world.
The Pentagon banned the racist flag at military institutions, with a carefully worded policy doesn’t mention the word ban or that specific flag.
When "even your own current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper breaks with you, that’s not a good week," the Fox News host said on "The View."
Military officials also ordered use of two Army National Guard helicopters to intimidate civilians in Washington, D.C., sources told The New York Times.
This is the second time this week he's made the call and broken from Trump on the need for a military response to the anti-racism protests.
The president is “a draft-dodging wannabe tinpot dictator,” said the Illinois senator and Iraq War vet. “How dare you politicize our military.”
President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to use the law to deploy the military to police U.S. cities.
"Where will you draw the line, and when will you draw it?" James N. Miller, a former defense official, wrote in his resignation letter to Esper.
"Trump’s aides are helping him to push the country closer not to order but to anarchy," the newspaper's editorial board cautioned.
“I thought I was going to do two things: to see some damage and to talk to the troops,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper told NBC News.