Mickey Kaus

He started blogging in 1999, and you could call him the first political blogger if you wanted to argue about it — with, among
Last week, Mickey Kaus quit The Daily Caller after roughly four years with the news organization. The conservative blogger
Mickey Kaus left The Daily Caller after editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson pulled his column critical of Fox News.
Kaus has reposted the column on his blog, Kausfiles. Reached for comment, Carlson said he was “sorry to see him go.” According
This seems like a radical, and maybe wonderful, idea. Call it Instant Recall voting. No longer would you be stuck with the
At a campaign gathering for Jerry Brown, the gubernatorial candidate challenged me. "Are you Mickey Kaus's brother," he asked. "He said I 'barely' won the debate, how could he say that?" Brown continued, "You tell him that he is not a rigorous thinker."
With 100% of precincts partially or fully reporting, War Room can officially declare Orly Taitz more popular and credible
If you really cared about wages of the working poor -- including the Latino working poor -- you'd want to make sure that this wave of 12 million illegals was the last wave.
Mickey Kaus took some time off from being the a capella singing lawyer on the canceled sitcom Scrubs to attend a "debate