Nathan Lane

“You can’t hurt me, I don’t have a film career," Lane apparently told the film executive.
Once again, the New York theatre world has had a banner year, with exciting plays, musicals and revivals on Broadway and off.
A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's wisecracking script is a tour de
If we seem to pay undue attention to the cast, it is in this case merited; The Front Page, when done well, is a rapid-fire
And a busy season it will be! To help you wade through all the offerings coming at us, our writers have been hard at work
"Difficult People" is the best show on television. If you haven't started watching yet, may these superstars motivate you. Happy Labor Day!
Pack found the earnest details utterly hilarious. He wondered what would it be like to actually read select passages to an
Hamilton brings Broadway into new, untested waters. While premium tickets still sell well at some long-runners, the premium
As he was not permitted to leave his home country, the young Iranian playwright wrote this piece as his conduit with the
It's hard to navigate the "how can I be a political pluralist in the midst of Donald Trump's ascent" conundrum. Not just because I'm a rabbi. Not just because I'm a Jew. Not just because I'm a Democrat. Not just because I'm a worried father.
When PBS announced their American Masters documentary on Mike Nichols, I was relieved. Like so many admirers of his work, I grieved when he died in November of 2014.
But what about the psychic damage people inflict on themselves? Condemned by their religion, and ostracized by their families, some gay men develop high levels of internalized homophobia, which prevents them from enjoying life. In another part of the world, a desperate need for money may make a young gay man take extreme measures that could affect his future.
In a play where he has been surrounded by immeasurable talent -- from Nathan Lane to Martin Short to F. Murray Abraham to Stockard Channing to (need I go on?) -- Micah Stock stands out as the little-known but bright rising star.
The house was packed, and after the performance concluded everyone stood on their feet to applaud passionately; the cast deserved no less than claps of thunder, the electricity permeated the room.
Can a great play also be not entirely good? I ask this because the question kept wandering around my head as I watched and listened to--and watched and listened to and watched and listened to--Robert Falls's 2012 production of Eugene O'Neill's (classic?) The Iceman Cometh for Chicago's Goodman Theatre. It's finally reached the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, who co-starred with Stritch in A Little Night Music and is a member of the Honorary Producing Committee
You will not likely find anything funnier onstage, just now, than Nathan Lane in the opening scene of Terrence McNally's It's Only a Play. Lane, as a humble off-Broadway actor turned top-tier sitcom star, is given a barrage of robustly funny jokes to launch at us, mostly of the lacerating variety.
For Stewart's full segment on Hannity, including the overtures made to him by both the governors of Florida and Texas, see
6. Maggie Smith Easily recognizable for his iconic role of Ferris Bueller, Broderick has been just as successful onstage