new york attorney general

Mere hours after a judge paused the order in the former president’s civil fraud trial, the White House hopeful ranted about the “radical” judge apparently out to get him.
The former president's longtime accountants at Mazars USA told the Trump business on Feb. 9 that its financial statements "should no longer be relied upon."
Of the 22 million comments submitted during the public comment period, around 18 million were not genuine, a state attorney general's office says.
The New York attorney general is accusing Trump's foundation of illegally spending on things like the portrait.
Seven of Trump's hotels ignored reports on how they could better protect their customers.
If you have watched any of the Republican debates, you are likely to understand why many have called them a three-ring circus. It seems that the more outrageous Donald Trump has appeared in these debates and personal appearances the more votes he has received in the primaries.