oakland police shooting

Demouria Hogg "posed no reasonable or credible threat of violence," the wrongful death suit says.
A teen shot in the face when police wrongly believed he was a robbery suspect has reached a settlement with Oakland, California
Masso is currently on medical leave. A coroner's report on Blueford found no gunpowder residue on his hands and no drugs
The cauldron of hatred and anguish bubbles over like oil slowly seeping into fragile marshlands. The ravages of perpetual
Often in the YouTube era, when you think you're seeing everything, you're really seeing nothing. 2010-07-09-pullpull.jpg
If we want to do something about the 100,000 deaths and injuries from guns that occur every year in this country, we need to learn more about what guns are used in crime and where they come from.
The media, the politicians, and the police have not taken a stance of uniting with the community. They have fed the notion of the African American community as a site of depravity, a place to be dominated.
Growing up as a black man in that city, I always felt vulnerable to thugs like police killer Lovelle Mixon, and to police
He said, "I don't think anything is going to change in the minds of the people in the neighborhoods...Somewhere along the
BART is investigating Tony Pirone, the officer that punched Oscar Grant in the face prior to Grant's shooting on New Years Eve.