phone tapping

"We're already tapping every phone, computer, home, and yurt there is, so I don't see why this is such a big deal," said
Congress Continues To Distance Themselves From Knowledge Of Snooping
Your DNA is being filed away in a national data base, and your phone calls -- within and outside the U.S. -- are being tapped and stored by your government. There is one thread linking these two stories: our government's frightful and fanatical intrusion into our personal lives.
The Guardian piece seems to have done no harm and may even do some good, but calling it a "scoop" just emphasizes the short attention span of the world's news organizations.
Shane Kadidal and Jason Linkins join Ahmed to debate whether or not the United States Government's PRISM program is really a cause for concern.
WASHINGTON -- Reports that the National Security Agency is collecting the phone logs of millions of U.S. Verizon customers
While the law covers phone networks, "CALEA does not cover popular Internet-based communications modalities such as webmail
The idea that Murdoch would have so little knowledge of the problems facing News of World is preposterous on its face given facts readily available to anyone with access to Google.