predatory lending

All 14 House members involved have received campaign contributions from the lenders.
The 2020 presidential candidate's 2008 remarks stand in contrast with the decades-long positions some of his rivals have held.
These senators are finding common ground with President Trump.
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A year has elapsed, and OneMain is still in Colorado, and payday lending is not the only option. In fact, OneMain's business
The end? Nope ... Comvest came after me personally for $5+ million. Comvest knew I didn't have any money - I had literally
A bill allowing lenders to make even more money on predatory loans passed a state senate committee this week, with supporters of the legislation telling reporters that increased profits are necessary to keep personal loan lenders in Colorado.
Lenders are getting 36 percent on the first $1,000 in a personal loan, and 21 percent on such loans from $1,000 to $3,000