By Kaveh Waddell City dwellers spend nearly every moment of every day awash in Wi-Fi signals. Homes, streets, businesses
Once Portals become ubiquitous (hopefully sooner than later), they can talk to each other to avoid interference, and can
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Should I try this free-TV thing again? Can I live without 220 channels I never watch anyway? Really, my life hasn't changed much since 1981--I still watch five channels.
This plan's advertised price cost is $10.00 and yet the actual costs to the customer are $32.00, hiding a whopping 220% above this advertised price. Is this 'fair and reasonable'? Is this deceptive advertising? Where are the savings for buying this 'slim package'?
This fractured FaceTime episode exposes three disturbing problems in our increasingly Wi-Fi dependent lives.
We recently played with three of the newer generation routers from Netgear, Linksys and D-Link and, although they all had one clear objective - - - to make wireless connections more accessible in larger homes and offices - - - each had one or two features to separate it from the pack.
The project is a part of the Big Bang Data tech exhibition, which opened May 9 and runs through October 26 at the Centre
They're featured in "Innovations in Magazine Media 2014 World Report" published by Innovation International Media Consulting