It’s brutal in Russia for people like me. Homosexuality — especially in football — is taboo.
But, thanks to the Internet, now you can rest easy knowing the girl who played Samara, actress Daveigh Chase, has grown up
Tracking rehabilitated cheetahs and leopards through the African bush as they learn to hunt and survive again in the wild. Riding on the backs of rescued elephants on a sunset stroll to their favourite watering hole, where they finally feel safe from poachers...
Dozens of species of animals have already been reintroduced to Samara, including white rhino and various antelope, from swishy-tailed Gemsbok to tiny duiker.
What's really terrific about Africa is the land. It's vast, it's beautiful and it extends forever.
Across the world today, frat brothers shed a single simultaneous tear, but they probably couldn't figure out why. We harrowed