san joaquin valley

All Andrew Blackshear did was breathe. Driving through California’s San Joaquin Valley on his way back from a summer break
Kern County offers a skilled and abundant workforce. The region recently ranked #4 for concentration of STEM jobs (Brookings
Worries About Contamination Environmental groups are concerned because some of Westlands’ groundwater is tainted with selenium
Well, it's that "over the meadow and through the woods to grandmother's house we go" time of year. Or, in my case from LA to the Bay Area, it's "over the meadow and through woods to a cousin's house we go" on the Interstate 5. Yeah, the I-5.
Water issues are nothing new to struggling poor and non-white communities.
Despite our very different experiences, every one of us is compromised by the effects of climate change. At some point won't we all see that we're aligned in a common cause?
We've all been through droughts and come out the other side, breathed a sigh of relief, and turned our hoses back on. This one has a new factor, an uncertainty over whether this is a California drought with a limited life, or climate change and a look at the new facts of life in California.
Sometimes I need a good road trip to think about public transportation. Last week I took a much needed working vacation by flying to Reno. A friend met me there and we started our adventure, by car, in the rapidly hipsterfying Midtown neighborhood.
At 5 am as many as 500 cars and trucks are lined up outside the gates of the fairgrounds in Fresno, CA. Many of the people in the line even camped out here overnight to get something that might not normally be that thrilling... a tailpipe emissions test.
Rain helped ameliorate the problem of particulates this past winter, but the storms, though intense, have been relatively