school turnarounds

To do so, Mayor Muriel Bowser would need to select as Chancellor someone with the vision, experience successfully leading
I talked with world leaders from India, England, Finland and Europe about their goals to improve education. Each had a distinct project and clear opinions about what was the most important facet of education to focus on.
The outcome of the interviews is summarized and presented to the leaders and personnel. The process helps the community and
In November, I continued my conversations with world leaders on the frontiers of education reform. Each of this month's leaders dealt with situations that seemed unmanageable: from entrenched gender stereotypes to impoverished conditions.
Pakistan is not only looking up, with more students completing education programs, but is also showing its own leadership, and thus growing independently from external aid.
A diagnostic, support and coaching approach is also available at governance level. This follows the same pattern and approach
I'm on a quest to find the most inspiring school turnaround success stories from around the world. From Argentina this morning, I am delighted to welcome once again to The Global Search for Education Dr. Silvina Gvirtz.
The disgusting reality that the president ignores is that true believers in competition undermined the education of children destined to be defeated in their market-driven "reforms."
Now is the critical time for Congress to shift from NCLB's punitive, harmful and ineffective high-stakes testing strategy to a supportive, beneficial and effective strategy: guiding, assisting, funding and holding accountable our low-achieving schools to improve by doing what works.
I hope that the lesson emerges from Quitman, and similar turnarounds, that the better approach is to invest in socio-emotional supports, teaching children to be students, and thus laying the foundation for high-quality instruction.
Alicia sits down with Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School Principal Andrew Bott to discuss the dramatic changes that ensued in his school when he made the decision to eliminate his security staff and replace them with art teachers.
The hypothesis was this: “Effective and high-quality arts education can be a powerful catalyst for successful educational
PBS showed a reality that is lost on data-driven "reformers." Social scientists have documented the primary importance of socio-emotional factors and the need to build trust before academics can improve. And that takes patience.
Officials need to think carefully about what closing a school means to parents and local residents.
I used to think that Barack Obama would follow Abraham Lincoln in bringing us together. I read he adopted a balanced, "team of rivals" approach to foreign policy and domestic challenges. Now, I think I know why his education policy is the big exception.
Even before the results of the first year of SIG turnaround at scale have come in, true believers in turnarounds have been issuing warnings that the outcomes will not be pretty.
Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is trying once again to hoard the best education resources for the highest-performing students.