On Friday afternoon I interrupted my sermon preparation in Reagan National Airport to gawk at the Trump plane making its way to the runway.
Do not run, dismiss, or hide. That simply insults and invalidates all the pain and mistreatment anyone who fails the test
Sometimes, we need our faith in the resurrection. Praying, I said that the resurrection is not about ghosts. It is about the hope that we will meet the ones we love on the other side. And that, in the meantime, those who have died live in us as memory, as experience.
I believe the great political and historical reality behind all the rhetoric and conflict we now see and feel in our country is this: In just a few decades, America will no longer be a white majority nation; we will instead be a majority of minorities.
Since campaigning for the White House has been underway for several months, I'm starting to look at feet.
I am no longer a pulpit rabbi, so the question of sermon topics on the High Holy Days is one I consider as a consumer rather than as a provider - but that doesn't stop me from reflecting on the situation congregational rabbis are in this month.
A few years ago I was putting my oldest daughter to sleep. She asked me what a rabbi does.
“You can’t evangelize and antagonize at the same time.”
“Our spirits are cast down into the pit of confusion. How could this happen?” the younger Moss asked about the actions of
Who is my family? Indian orphans and saints. Survivors of violence--state and domestic. Queer people of all kinds. And we are all glorious branches on that great vine of Christ.
“Publication of his works is important for providing resources for those, such as students, who wish to learn for the first
The beloved author Frederick Buechner tells the story about a Christmas pageant a friend of his took part in as the rector of an Episcopal church. Buechner writes:
As the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return to it without watering the earth . . . so is my word that
To the learned men and women who lead the Jewish faith I would like to offer a simple message: Enough already. A frequent consumer of rabbinical sermons, I can say, with all due respect, that most of the time, the sermon bombs. And it is usually because of the same bad storytelling habits.
Michael, if I were preaching this Sunday I would remind your family that their resources are not limited to what they can see. Those who are on the side of justice are more than those who are against it. We will get through this.
If you are privileged to ascend the pulpit, then honor the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and speak to the people rather than speaking at them. Put forth a message that is coherent, thought-out, and takes into the consideration the moment and all of the people who are present in it.
Sermons can be ephemeral things, in one ear of many parishioners and out the other. If the sermon is not written down or
A Pastor came to understand that his guests need services, not sermons. He used mailboxes as a concrete step toward resolving a seemingly insurmountable problem. This is proof that wonder and a sense of possibility dwell in the hearts of leaders who inspire.
I'm going to put myself out there and share something only my closest friends and family know: I love to watch "Christian television."