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The last time Shawn Arthur used his dating app, he did not know it would result in a crime that resulted in his death. Today, his father, Bob Arthur is still looking for answers.
Donald Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been accused of sexual assault.
"He told me ... it kept away all the other 'sugar daddies' when they are out partying or at the club.”
LOS ANGELES, Sept 24 (Reuters) - A Saudi prince has been arrested on charges of trying to force a worker at a Beverly Hills
Multiple phone calls to police tipped off the department as the video circulated online. When confronted by authorities, the
After serving two years in prison for raping a girl at a party, Trent Mays has been released. Now, he faces a hearing on whether or not he'll have Sex Offender status. But, how should the criminal justice system handle young offenders?
Paul Callan tells us why crimes of sexual violence are taken so much more seriously following the Steubenville incident.
An heir to the du Pont fortune has avoided jail time for raping his 3 year-old daughter because the judged ruled that he wouldn't "fare well" in prison. Is this a case of a man using his wealth and position to circumvent justice?
Sanchez said courts around the country have seen an explosion of Internet cases involving crimes such as possessing or receiving
When the parents of another special-needs student came forward last year, saying that their daughter was repeatedly molested
CORAL SPRINGS — A Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) deputy is the target of a criminal investigation into allegations that he
Netway Enterprises, developers of iDate, told the Washington Examiner that the app is intended for persons over 18 and that
A serial sex attacker who targeted lone women in south London over a six-year period has been found guilty of rape and sexual
Amanda Knox, the American student on trial in Italy for the murder of her British flatmate Meredith Kercher, was repeatedly