"Special counsel got you sweating like crazy, tweeting that it's a witch hunt."
Apple iPhone's major security scare last week drew attention not only to the importance of not clicking on suspicious links but also on the repression in Washington's ally the United Arab Emirates.
Singer Shaggy has a possible solution for stopping the Islamic State: reggae music and weed.  In an interview with Miami
Talk to reggae icon Shaggy for three minutes or less, and you'll realize three things: A) he never stopped making music despite terrestrial radio in the states cutting his airplay B) his charity work will always come first, and C) he doesn't care about "A."
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A shaggy sheep in Australia gets 52 pounds shorn off.
Through numerous partnerships, Shaggy has managed to amass a level of support that is somewhat puzzling given various socio-economic circumstances on the island. He clearly believes in collaboration, as his philanthropic model embodies the idea that we will get further together.
By turns sumptuous and seductively shabby, St Kitts - or Saint Christopher's Island - has seen a surge in global interest thanks to its increasingly popular annual music festival.
I kinda just started releasing music and wasn't sure if I wanted to put myself out there, but the song really does show my
Ever get the feeling the folks on TV are staring at you? Maybe not, but you might think so after looking at some of these
So, you think you know all things AC/DC? Really. Well, take a hit of the essays, historical photos, memorabilia, and general overkill contained between the over 225 pages of High Voltage Rock 'N' Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History.
Last night's was a motley crew of legends. It was clear that in hip hop, such a status doesn't come so simply or so easily
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