sleep training

If you strongly agree with nighttime parenting or sleep training and have not yet discovered a sleep training method that
the baby will learn to feel secure when entering into a sleep state, thus creating a positive view on sleep. co-sleeping
As a mother of a 9-month-old, I have become happily accustomed to sleepless nights. My son consistently falls asleep around 7:00 pm and awakes around 6:30 am, but he requires nighttime parenting to fall asleep and to stay asleep.
Does this situation sound at all familiar to you?  It’s 3 a.m., my baby has been asleep since 8, and I haven’t gotten a wink
I'm a strong believer in evidence-based medicine, and we know we can take steps to keep our babies safe during their sleep.
It's not all that bad though, I do get woken up with sloppy kisses and hugs around the neck as well as having someone who
How heartbreaking is listening to your baby cry in the car?
Being a new mom, I knew that exhaustion was part of the parenting package. But when I was often too exhausted to keep up with second workouts that once came so naturally, I knew I needed a change. Cue training for sleep!
I remember like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant I ran to the library and Google to read every piece of literature I could about having a baby and none of it proved to work.
There's no reason to accept sleep deprivation as your new normal.