Daniel Deivison-Oliveira joined San Francisco Ballet in 2005 and was promoted to Soloist in 2011. I first saw him in 2006
Some people nodded to the music, others had tears in their eyes. Some held hands and others looked knowingly at each other, as one sometimes does in a movie theater. I wished I could see the little bubble over each head with their thoughts.
To help you to discover (or re-discover) the Soloist within you, here are eight secrets that will help you to kick loose from the daily grind for a little while.
Summer vacation is the ideal period during the year to take chances and have new experiences, the time and place to venture outside your regular life.
Your key to getting more of your time back is to focus on those passive meetings...then start finding ways to skip them.
There's something different about Twitter. And it's more than just the poetic brevity of 140 character messages, it can actually be useful!
You have to act as a Soloist to be one. We've put together five steps to jumpstart the Soloist in you.
Teamwork only takes you so far. Learning how to tackle certain tasks and challenges independently will quickly put you on the path to becoming more successful.
There's pride and a new sense of self in becoming a Soloist. The Soloist is keenly aware of the difference between creative, innovative effort and mind-numbing groupthink. By cutting loose form the pack whenever possible, the Soloist reaches new levels of performance.
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