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Right-wing lawyer Cleta Mitchell began strategizing with the American Legislative Exchange Council to challenge a Trump loss long before the first vote was cast.
He called on state legislatures to have the "courage" to overturn the presidential election in his favor as time is running out.
Lawmakers in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have all said they won't intervene in selecting electors.
Still reeling from Republican gains a decade ago, Democrats and their progressive allies are learning from past mistakes in 2020.
American Bridge, which focuses on opposition research, is targeting races in Texas, Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania.
When a party loses power in a state, there’s often a last-ditch effort to pass priority legislation. What’s happening now is different, experts say.
The party learned the hard way that there are high costs to ignoring state government.
The mixed response highlights both the political pressure to act and the institutional resistance to do so.