sunday assembly

At the door, I was greeted by cheerful people who urged me to sign in on a clipboard, and, to my astonishment, I was handed a bulletin. Why should I have been surprised? Can't bulletins be godless, too?
When she moved to North Carolina, people told her she should attend a church to find community. But that wasn’t an option
CNN reports that Jones denied telling the NYC group to stop using the word "atheism," but acknowledged that he told them
“I think a big part of it is in the United States there is a pushback against any person being open about their atheism,” she
Critics and fans alike colloquially refer to the organization as an atheist church, but the founders prefer to think of their
First maharats At the Chicago Tribune, religion reporter Manya Brachear dives into the world of child abuse among Christian
The Huffington Post UK explains that the church, dubbed "Sunday Assembly," has been "championed as [a] chance for disillusioned