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Practice Proper Oral Hygiene Like any other material, the material our teeth are made of expands and contracts when temperature
If you believe in the myths associated with tooth decay, you will probably not be able to take the right steps to take care
The fact is, dental habits and history can tell a savvy practitioner a lot about your health and can have a big impact when devising an appropriate healing plan.
By dental standards, Greece is one of the unhealthiest countries in Europe.
Why is daily meditation called a "practice"? Whatever you practice on the cushion for a few minutes is meant to be brought into your daily life. Stillness, presence, mindfulness, calm, breathing, acceptance, forgiveness, loving-kindness or whatever your practice may be, can be brought into daily life.
Spread the word! Soda rots our teeth, makes us fat, fattens our livers, blocks our arteries, and raises our blood pressure. It may also interfere with our fertility.
If your children eat candy, make sure it's under a controlled environment. Have drinking water available to them (to buffer the huge hit of acids that ensue within minutes of candy consumption) and a toothbrush nearby (for the mandatory tooth brushing session within 20 minutes of the candy consumption).
Chu with Polly Huang, and their colleagues Cheng-Yuan Li, Yen-Chang Chen and Wei-Ju Chen presented their work Sept. 11 at
Depending on where you live in the United States, access to proper dental care may differ.
Increasingly, DNA testing is being used on living people for health reasons, to perhaps give an insight as to what your body may hold for you in the future. And dental DNA testing is leading the way.