terminal illness

"If my dad couldn’t control his body, he at least wanted to control how long he would be in it."
Chase Smith married Sadie Mills after doctors told him he has only months to live.
These books will help your kid understand the disease, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.
"The elephant in the room is that many of our patients are dying and there is often nothing we can do to change that."
Sometimes well-intentioned comments make grief worse. Here's what to avoid and what to say.
An appeals court ruled Tuesday that the state Superior Court failed to consider terminally-ill patients' interests when it blocked the law.
These methods will help you practice self-care while being a caregiver for a parent with a terminal diagnosis.
The new legislation gives those with a six-month prognosis or an irreversible fatal illness the right to seek a doctor's help to die.
Gov. Phil Murphy said he would sign the bill, calling it the "right thing to do."
Sure, the undead are scary, but they don't faze me after facing the true realities of life and death.