the villages

“Representations asking for the photo’s removal have been made," the palace said about a doctored image of the British monarch on a Trump supporter's bus.
President Donald Trump retweeted a video of his supporters shouting “white power” at a group of anti-Trump protesters.
According to new info from the US Census Bureau The Villages - smack dab in the middle of the pan handle - were the nations fastest-growing metro area in 2014.
Days fly by in our lives. But it is the memories such as were evoked in thousands like Mike and me upon the passing of Mr. Cub and those gathering to celebrate and honor him at the memorial service that are the salve making our later days even richer and more rewarding.
I'm told there must be 3,000 men and women playing the sport, all the way in the 90s; yup, into the 90s! So, coming from a baseball background, I wanted to play. Before anyone can play, one has to go through three separate evaluations and then be drafted. Sounds like MLB, huh?
After some pamphleteering, several members of the blue crew dined at a nearby Thai resident, where, over the course of an
We agree with Paul Ryan that we need a debate to determine how Medicare can be improved. What we do not need, however, is much of what passes for debate these days -- diatribes, finger-pointing, ad hominem attacks, and systematic presentations of misinformation.