I am proud to introduce you to each of them and excited to share their insights into how all of us can be a part of the solution to "Raise The Caliber" of our communities.
Judith Light feels right at home in New York. After spending so many years in California, she says she missed the life-blood and energy of the city. With a full schedule, she gets up with the rising sun and doesn't stop.
Stuart and Alan, has New York remained as compelling a destination for TV and movies as it was when you began? Highly successful
I talked to Michael about what he hopes to accomplish with this new comedy series and his spin on our LGBT issues. When asked what his personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights, Urie opened up.
The stories appear new. They are not. Where is the Latina Olivia Pope? Where is my unified upper class Mexican American family?
The play is a hilarious look at an out of work actor finding a job in the most unlikely of places: Barbra Streisand's basement mall. Yes, her basement mall. How on Earth did he come up with this?
When ABC's hit show Ugly Betty wasn't renewed after four critically acclaimed seasons, actor Michael Urie, known to millions of fans as Marc St. James, returned to his roots in the theater. Today the 33-year-old graduate of Juilliard is starring in Buyer & Cellar, one of the most celebrated off-Broadway shows this year.
These are all shows that deserve wider attention but weren't big hits when they first aired.
She manages to make talking about pancakes endearing: [via tayorps] CBS picked up drama "Damascus" this week, starring Ferrera
A courtroom setting should be familiar for Ferrera who is reprising her role on "The Good Wife" this season. "The Good Wife
Bad behavior fueled by a toxic combination of narcissism, neediness, and alcoholism lie at the core of Halley Feiffer and Ryan Spahn's new movie, He's Way More Famous Than You.
If you are looking to make your Sunday nights sizzle then you need to look no further than Devious Maids.
"Ugly Betty" star America Ferrera pushes for an immigration reform bill, saying "My Name Is America."
I'm actually going straight into shooting an independent film here in New York City that I'm producing and acting in. This