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Big Brother Australia Star Angela Clancy's Key To Making A Perfect Cup Of Tea

The contestant has said she's had up to 14 cups in a day in the BB house.

If there’s one person in the ‘Big Brother Australia’ house who’s known for a foodie obsession, it’s Angela Clancy.

The housemate has made her love for tea very known during this season, and has admitted her “insane” addiction has led to her drinking 14 cups of tea in one day in the BB house.

“When I tell people that there’s power in tea, I sound crazy,” Angela told HuffPost Australia. “I’m telling you, as soon as I have a cup of tea, it’s a new, renewed me.”

According to the 38-year-old from Perth, there’s a formula to her perfect cuppa.

'Big Brother Australia' housemate Angela Clancy loves her tea.
'Big Brother Australia' housemate Angela Clancy loves her tea.

“I usually use good quality teabags,” she said. “My favourite is Twinings because it’s strong. I like strong tea and I like full cream milk, and I have to have two sugars.”

Angela recalled her first sip of tea while growing up in Kenya, and she hasn’t looked back since.

“I started drinking tea when I was four years old. My late grandfather used to drink tea and give it to me,” she explained.

“My mother would always complain, ‘No she’s going to become addicted’, and my grandfather would be like, ‘I don’t know anyone who’s ever died from drinking tea’.

“Every time I would go to my grandparents’ house, we would have full on teas with my brother and I was four. So I think that’s where I got my addiction from.”

After being eliminated last week by her fellow housemates, Angela has been secretly staying in Big Brother’s special bunker and helping BB with special challenges to keep her co-stars on their toes.

“Apparently in the bunker I went through 14 cups in one day,” she revealed. “That’s insane but it gives me renewed energy.”

On Sunday night viewers will get their first glimpse of Angela ‘plotting her revenge’ ahead of her surprised return to the house later in the week.

‘Big Brother Australia’ continues at 7:00pm on Channel 7.

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