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Most Americans Don't Use Electric Kettles And Australians Are Boiling Over

How on earth do they make their tea?

Australians and Americans consider themselves culturally similar.

Imagine the shock then, when Australians discovered that there are fundamental differences in the way that we live our daily lives, right down to the basic task of boiling water.

While using an electric kettle to heat water is commonplace in Australia, it was learned that many Americans actually use the microwave to get their water to boiling point. A wave of disbelief washed over Twitter when this was discovered.

I just heard americans microwave water. If you're american you legally have to disclose every weird fucken thing you do to me, right now,

— hairless pooper (@lonelydandruff) March 8, 201

The reason for the lack of electric kettles in the US is linked to the differences in voltage available in America, which is lower than that of the UK, Europe, or Australia.

Turns out therefore, Australians aren't the only ones that find America's water boiling habits a little strange. Some Europeans have joined Australia in expressing their concern for the Kettle-less Americans.

American tweetlings, how do you survive without electric kettles? Why aren't they a thing there? How do you make tea? I cant comprehend this

— Nathan Adams (@Dinnerbone) January 5, 2015

So it's true. Americans don't have the luxury of boiling hot water instantly. Rest assured, they will be able to make their tea, it might just take a little longer.

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