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Junior MasterChef Australia

This year's home cooks promise to bring diversity and delicious dishes to the show.
From the instant noodles challenge to Reece's reaction to Katy Perry, there was plenty of fun food and nostalgia to get us through COVID-19.
Judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo have lifted the lid on what the new cast is like.
The TV judge said that "over here in this corner of the world, our very own little girl showed us all what’s possible".
The young contestant took home $25,000 in prize money after winning the final cook-off.
The contestants had to cook a lemon meringue tart for a spot in the grand final.
"Everything is a little bit different to how we probably envisaged it to be."
The young contestants faced stiff competition in a round that involved putting their 'dream on a plate'.
Fan favourite Ben finally feels the heat of the kitchen in latest challenge.
The 10-year-old from Bendigo will be demonstrating his baking skills to local seniors.
Ryan now faces a critical decision: 'It's like asking who do I love more, Mum Or Dad?'
Melissa is 'also from Singapore so we connected on multiple things like the cuisine and culture'.
Georgia said that what she loves most about cooking is that “it’s a great way to express myself”.
"To be a white man calling out racism is important."
The 11-year-old granddaughter of refugees will be the figure of representation her parents didn't see growing up.
'She really taught me to cook in the first place', the 10-year-old from Victoria said.
The countdown has begun till viewers meet the 14 young contestants in the cooking show spin-off.
The 'MasterChef' star had some quick tips for the young cooks competing in the spin-off.
"It’s only after the audition that they realised Ryan is my son," Sashi told HuffPost Australia.
The former 'MasterChef' winner's 11-year-old son is bringing his own cooking skills to the TV kitchen.