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Dry Skin From Coronavirus Hand Washing? These Natural Moisturizers Will Help

The upside? Protection from COVID-19. The downside? Severely dry, cracked hands.

We’re all washing our hands multiple times a day to help keep us safe from COVID-19, but the non-stop scrubbing leaves our hands a lot drier than we’re used to.

Frequent washing draws moisture from the skin, and for those of us that are prone to dry skin, eczema, or have other sensitivities, something to soothe our hands post-wash is a necessity (not to mention a relief).

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We’ve rounded up a selection of some of our favourite natural (containing clean, non-toxic ingredients) hand creams to nourish and soften our skin, all of which can be safely delivered in Canada.

Clinically tested and proven to protect against excessive dryness and eczema, we keep a tube of Skinfix Hand Repair Cream at the ready for repeated hand washings, and pop it into our pockets for post-sanitizing moisture when we’re out for a socially distanced walk.

A combination of healing botanicals and natural oils — including colloidal oatmeal and sweet almond oil — relieves our hands of itching and irritation while providing the nourishment we need.

A luxurious treat for tired and dry hands, the uplifting floral fragrance of this cream helps us unwind, while argan oil, shea butter, and aloe vera nourishes our skin with vitamins and fatty acids.

All our hand washing has made us keep a bottle of lotion close by at all times.
VladimirFLoyd via Getty Images
All our hand washing has made us keep a bottle of lotion close by at all times.

We also appreciate that Kahina donates a portion of their annual revenue to support the communities of the Moroccan workers who harvest the argan oil.

This gluten-free and vegan lotion is perfect for hands (or anywhere else on the body!) and most of the ingredients are sourced from local Canadian growers.

We keep our bottle next to the sink for a simple pump or two after washing our hands, and we love the fresh scent of rosemary, citrus, and lavender. The notes of lavender in particular help calm us after a tough day — studies have shown that lavender can help reduce stress and anxiety.

We’ve found a relaxing self-hand massage before bed is a soothing way to wind down, and this lotion is a lovely addition to our mindful ritual.

The cream nourishes our skin like a dream thanks to organic argan oil, olive oil, and an aromatic blend of essential oils.

A blend of sustainably sourced shea butter, palm and coconut oil gathered through women’s collectives in Ghana repairs and soothes dry, sensitive skin.

We love using this cream on our hands as it’s enriched with vitamin E, which has anti-aging properties and can help reduce inflammation.

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Unscented and perfect for tucking into a pocket or keeping on the nightstand, this made-in-Toronto blend of camellia, hemp and meadowfoam oil protects our hands night and day.

The fresh scent and smooth feel of this easily absorbed hydrating hand cream almost makes up for the fact that we’re washing our hands a dozen times a day.

Made of a dermatologically tested and certified natural blend of sea buckthorn (traditionally used to repair and renew skin), sesame, and essential oils, this cream works wonders on our chapped hands.

We got a giggle from Cocoon Apothecary’s cute product name (a bit ironic since we’re missing hugs and physical contact right now), and the Touchy Feely Lotion itself is one of our faves to protect our skin from dryness and the effects of ongoing hand washing.

The spring-fresh scent of lavender and rosemary boosts our mood, while organic olive oil helps our hands stay soft.

This soothing hand lotion, made from a healing blend of lavender, aloe and grapeseed, instantly moisturizes our skin and uplifts our spirits with a soothing scent.

Available in either a convenient pump dispenser or a portable tube, the upside to all this hand washing (asides from the health benefits) could be the opportunity to heal our skin with this aromatic and therapeutic lotion.

For extra sensitive skin, or for those of us who are feeling the effects of multiple lathers, this cream is a gentle, fragrance-free option to protect our hands.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, this oatmeal-based cream instantly soothes and helps to gently moisturize and soften.

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