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Dr. Jen Gunter Is Taking On 'Big Wellness,' One Vagina Myth At A Time

Why it's so important for women to know about their bodies.

We live in a time when information is more accessible than ever, and yet women are still being told that it’s a good idea to put pieces of jade into their vaginas.

Dr. Jen Gunter isn’t happy about that.

The Winnipeg-born gynecologist, who now lives and practices in California, has chosen to take on the work of de-mystifying female health and pleasure. She write and speaks a lot about the many knowledge gaps in the medical system, especially for women, whose bodies are still controlled and policed in many ways that men’s bodies just aren’t.

Those knowledge gaps can sometimes lead people to fall prey to snake oil “wellness” cures, which she delights in debunking. (She’s a frequent thorn in the side of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, goop.) But Gunter is hoping that if they’re armed with knowledge, they can make choices that are safe, healthy and informed.

In an industry that’s often vague or euphemistic — “feminine hygiene,” “family planning” — she prefers to be precise and blunt. (A sample headline from her blog: “Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP recommend irrigating your rectum and colon with coffee. Don’t.”) Her book The Vagina Bible, which comes out next week, and her new CBC show, Jensplaining, both showcase her characteristically caustic wit and accessible advice.

Watch the video above to see what she has to say about why women need to be informed about their own bodies.

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