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Raffi's New Song "Vote Vote Vote" Turns Joe Biden Quote Into Democratic Anthem

He wants his fans to get out to the polls in the U.S. federal election.

“Vote, vote, vote,” were Joe Biden’s last words towards the end of the U.S. presidential debate on Tuesday, a call to action that’s been hailed as one of the few coherent points of the poorly received event.

Beloved children’s musician Raffi took that catchy refrain and turned it into a democracy anthem for all ages. “Vote Vote Vote” is a simple, but powerful call for American Beluga grads to take part in the U.S. federal election on Nov. 3.

Listen to the “Vote Vote Vote” song below.

The YouTube description asks listeners to “vote to counter the dual threats of fascism and the climate emergency,” but keeps its messaging simple. Backed by simple piano and drum melodies, Raffi croons about “rocking the vote” and “liberty calling.” The catchy song is punctuated by repeated calls to “vote, vote, vote.”

It’s an earworm accessible enough for children to sing along to and guaranteed to get stuck in your head, no matter your political affiliation.

While the song itself is not explicitly anti-Trump, Raffi has been a vocal critic of the U.S. president on his social media since Trump took office and has called him out on his discriminatory attitudes.

The “Bananaphone” musician has asked followers to vote Trump out on multiple occasions, and has made several tweets to this effect in recent days:

The singer-songwriter has also used his musical talents throughout the pandemic to raise awareness on causes close to heart: He released “Black Lives Matter To Me,” a stirring ballad that encourages families to be anti-racist, by keeping Martin Luther King Jr.’s words close to heart, in September.

It’s clear that for Raffi stans, the cherished childhood icon’s music remains relevant. Hopefully it will galvanize many to be ballot-ready in November.

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