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Tegan & Sara, 'Goodbye, Goodbye': Video Premiere (EXCLUSIVE)

WATCH: Tegan & Sara's 'Goodbye, Goodbye'

Once upon a time, we used phones to speak into and written words could take days, if not weeks, to reach someone. The evolution of technology, from texting and chat to email and Facebook, has utterly changed the way we communicate with each other, including how we deal with being broken up when your ex is but a keypad-push away.

That's the theme of Tegan & Sara's new quasi-lyric video for "Goodbye, Goodbye," off the Quin sisters' Polaris Prize-nominated pop album "Heartthrob." Directed by Natalie Robison, the video was shot in Toronto, the day after their July concert at Downsview Park with fun.

"'Goodbye, Goodbye' is a sound off about rejection and the empowerment of shutting someone out after a break-up, but it’s also an acknowledgement of the distorted nature of intimacy that comes from communicating complex emotions through a cell phone or email," Sara Quinn tells HuffPost Canada Music.

"In a way we learn more about ourselves than each other when we interact this way. Our phones and computers are just mirrors for us to reflect again and again."

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