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The Castration of the Black Male Body in Toronto

The summer is hot and it's not just the temperature. Each summer I dread the headline news of young black males heading to the mortuary, and this summer was no different. The recent shootings of young black males in Toronto had me contemplating Black male bodies and led me to the question, how disposable are we?

I wrote this piece out of frustration as i was on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) on my way home from work one day in August.

How safe are male black bodies

How secure are we

Amidst all of our insecurities

How much more tolerant are we suppose to be

My skin peels back from these bullets and exposes all my frustrations

This castration of the black male body

We are just shooting targets

Used for practice

Used for malpractice

My mind wonders as I'm in transit

My brothers caught up in the trade

Caught up in the traffic

And I'm not talking bout Wall Street or rush hour

This world feels like kryptonite taking away all our powers

Am I just a commodity to be sold

They take our gold

Come into our homes

Break up our homes

Traumatizing our sons and daughters

Tears run like water

Sisters going to more funerals than weddings and graduations combined

If they are pigs why do I feel like swine?

Jordans stay on our feet

But what is in our minds

We grind

We pine

When the fuck will it be our time

To shine in the garden of Eden

Father Time are you sleeping?

You must have missed our stop

When will I meet you at the top like monolith

Am I equipped to shoulder this burden

Of my dark skin

This melanin

Has us hating our next of kin

Advil or Excederin doesn't deal with this pain of

Black brothers

Killing black brothers

Leaving black mothers

To console black mothers

Hurt black people

Hurting other black people

There is no equal

No sequel

This is the genocide of black people

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