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This Danish TV Ad Is What The World Needs To Remember Now More Than Ever

Grab a tissue.

Before you watch this Danish television station ad, you'll want to grab a tissue. Go're going to need it.

Ok. Do you have your tissue? Are you ready for this?

As TV2's video "All That We Share" opens, Danes file quietly onto a soundstage, stepping into outlined areas on the floor — areas meant to define them. "The High Earners" versus "Those Just Getting By." "Those We Trust" versus "Those We Try To Avoid." Lifelong Danes, versus those new to Denmark. Divisions you will find not just in Denmark, but in any country on Earth.

However, a man begins to ask questions:

"Who in this room was the class clown?"

"Who are stepparents?"

"How many of you love to dance?"

Quickly, the "Us versus Them" narrative falls apart. People begin to step out of their so-called defining boxes.

It's a heartwarming reminder that our perceived labels do not define us. If we look below the surface, we can find common ground with those we perceive as most different to ourselves.

The English-language version of "All That We Share" was posted to YouTube on Jan. 27 — marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as well as the day President Donald Trump released an executive order blocking citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days and halting the Syrian refugees program for four months.

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