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Weight Lost: How This Mom Dropped 55 Pounds

After 2 Years At A Standstill, Mom Drops Over 50 Pounds
Dan Go

WHO: Miranda Quartarone

AGE: 33

CITY: Markham, Ont.

By The Numbers: 185 at my heaviest, currently 130, for a total weight loss of 55 pounds

The Weight Gain: I was pretty average as a child. I did start to yo-yo with my weight around puberty, but balanced out my weight around 15 and was a normal weight into my mid-twenties. I started to yo-yo again around 24, and when I got pregnant with my daughter at 26, I gained around 65 pounds.

The Final Straw: The final straw for me was not getting results after two years of hard work. I was working out four times a week and eating healthy but just not losing the weight. I could not take it anymore. Just after Christmas, I tried on a dress that my sister gave me and I hated how I looked. I felt awful and I just wanted to be able to put something on and feel great about it.

I have a six-year-old daughter and I wanted to be able to run around the park with her, go for bike rides, play soccer with her, and not be so tired all the time. I really wanted a different lifestyle. I did it for me and I did it for my daughter.

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