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Bardish Chagger

Grits are again slamming the Tory leader's appearance at a controversial rally.
Conservatives are harkening back to the PM's words in February.
"I can promise I have no problem apologizing. I apologize," said Bardish Chagger.
The Friday sitting of the House of Commons was effectively cancelled.
The criticisms mirror arguments over the Fair Elections Act.
"This is a problem that exists in a culture that tolerates these behaviours."
It consists of four Liberal MPs, two Conservatives and one New Democrat.
“Some would call this the ‘glass cliff.’”
The Liberal government announced late Sunday that it plans to press ahead and unilaterally change some of the rules of the House of Commons.
Sometimes body language speaks the loudest.
"Justin Trudeau is not entitled to just arbitrarily make changes to the House of Commons rules."
The ICLMG simply cannot support Bill C-22 in its current form. Not only will it not create a Committee of Parliamentarians capable of real and strong oversight over our national security apparatus, its mere creation will give Canadians the impression that proper parliamentary oversight exists - which will not be the case.
It was a wild, wild day in the House.
No matter how one viewed the political fundraising that is fast becoming an albatross around my political party's neck, one would have thought that House of Commons is definitely the place to talk about it. The people's business belongs and can be discussed -- must be discussed -- in the People's House.
The Liberals floated the idea of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) during the election campaign, but scant notice was taken by the media or the business community. But SBIR can be a very powerful catalyst for innovation and we must not allow this idea to be relegated to the policy back burner.