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coming out

Quinn was part of the 2016 bronze medallist Canadian national team.
If things go wrong, you need to have a safety plan.
His coming out was 40 years in the making, the veteran politician said.
... as they say, "Better late than never."
With more exposure and education, the negativity and fear towards the LGBTQ community will slowly disappear, and that's what I witnessed in Red Lake.
With few resources to help them, many LGBTQ2S+ parents make up the script as they go.
"Not everyone has the freedom to live their authentic self, but we have to try."
Casey Mecija remembers how she came out to her own parents.
I have learned so much from him about courage, about living an authentic life and the importance of being yourself no matter what.
Coming out to your parents as LGBTQ is a deeply personal experience. And when you're the child of an immigrant, there can be layers of cultural complexity that families have to navigate. Some first-generation parents are accepting, while others don't understand and make it difficult for their queer children to just be themselves. As part of our Born And Raised series, these second-generation Canadians share what it was like for them to come out to their loved ones. Watch the video to learn about their experiences, and how it's changed their relationships with their families.
Jordan Whelen talks about the day-to-day challenges of living as a gay man in business and in dating life and shares his own journey of self-acceptance.
Almost 10 years ago, my father decided to sell the family business and head to theology school to become an Anglican priest. At the same time he was solidifying his devotion to his religion, I was embracing my sexuality and identity as a lesbian. Would he see that this didn't have to change anything?
To be honest, it's a mix of all kinds of emotions.
In the LGBTQ community, "coming out" means the voluntary self-disclosure of one's sexual orientation and/or gender identity. I believe that coming out means a person feels they can be completely free to be true to themselves and live authentically. It's a fundamental right, and one that everyone deserves equally.
An estimated 50 people are dead following the events in Orlando because of hatred. Fifty people are dead because of ignorance. I am about to turn 30 in a few weeks and I want to believe that this world can become a more loving, more kind and more embracing world.
There are many LGBT Muslims and many LGBT persons who embrace Islam as their faith. They address the prohibitive Islamic texts on homosexuality in their diverse ways. Some adopt the "martyr of love" narrative to live their life as a struggle. Others live with severe cognitive dissonance, often zealously following repetitive rituals to fill the inner void. Yet, LGBT Muslims can draw much spiritual comfort from their faith while gently setting aside norms that do not speak to their authentic selves, for Islam is much more than the story of Lot's people.
"Take out your post from the social media. You embarrass me... I'm going to puke."