black money

On November 8, 2016, the day Modi announced the note ban, members of the thrift and credit society run by CBI employees deposited over Rs 31 lakh in cash with it.
Siddhartha, in a sworn statement, “admitted” to holding unaccounted income in his hands and that of Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd respectively, the I-T department said.
The Modi’s govt’s demonetisation gambit has only caused pain, not profit, shows a close reading of the RTI response and other information.
Athawale also said that the government had asked the RBI for money, but they are not giving it.
Modi said that the government has kickstarted a big battle against blackmoney, corruption and dishonesty.
The RBI has been facing flak from the opposition parties for demonetisation and delays in disclosing figures on the junked notes.
Switzerland is part of the global framework for automatic exchange of tax information. 
Complementary measures to demonetisation would be required to target all forms of undeclared wealth and assets.