Reserve Bank of India

Saving India's 42 million small and medium businesses through a bailout is the only way to prevent catastrophic job losses in the aftermath of the 21-day coronavirus lockdown.
The bank’s net banking facilities have not been operational since Thursday evening, PTI said.
India’s annual retail inflation rose to 7.35% in December — its highest in more than five years.
99.3% of demonetised currency is back in the banking system, and India’s addiction to cash is now, perhaps stronger than ever.
Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister and finance minister were clueless about how to solve the "self created economic disaster”.
The fourth consecutive rate cut is expected to lower equated monthly instalments (EMIs) for home and auto buyers, and borrowing cost for corporate.
The government has issued repeated warnings against investing in digital currencies, saying these were like “Ponzi schemes”,
RBI had cut GDP growth forecast to 7% from 7.2% for FY19-20.
Activist who filed an RTI application seeking minutes of the RBI's board meeting which approved demonetisation describes his over two-year-long struggle to get the documents.
The board had warned of short-term negative impact of demonetisation on the country’s economic growth.