Arnold Steinberg

Political strategist and analyst

Arnold Steinberg, a strategist and analyst, wrote two classic graduate textbooks on politics and media. Over several decades, he has been widely published in magazines, newspapers and online. He has been interviewed for many publications and has been a frequent guest on television and radio programs. He started in broadcasting a student panelist for Fred Friendly's Public Broadcasting Laboratory, the precursor for national public television and has guested often on public radio.

He has consulted widely for political and corporate clients and for many organizations, including conservative and libertarian, criminal justice reform and environmental. He has been instrumental in major changes in public policy. As a young man, he worked on Capitol Hill to end the draft. He was the strategist to end mandatory busing for Los Angeles schools. He was key in creating the successful campaign for Proposition 209 that ended racial and gender preferences in California government employment, contracting and education.

His expertise includes political advertising and polling. He is a court-recognized expert on campaigns, elections, messaging, media, polling. He has taught public policy and politics at the graduate level. He has been appointed to Federal, state and county boards and commissions and has worked closely and collaboratively with Democrats and Republicans.

He pioneered in focus groups for jury profiles. He also has been an expert witness in major cases.

He has been involved in foreign policy and national security and has represented the U.S. on many foreign delegations in Europe, Asia, South and Central American and in the former Soviet Union.