Brett Griswold

Optimistic and opportunistic diabetes advocate.

My name is Brett Griswold and having diabetes is my advantage. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was nine years old. While in the hospital, I met a young boy who was in a hospital bed a short distance from me and I learned that this was not his first hospital visit from diabetes because of poor blood sugar control. After seeing how devastating diabetes can be if not treated correctly, I immediately decided that I am going to take on diabetes and never end up in the hospital again. After a few bumps and bruises, I quickly learned that having diabetes can either be a positive, or a negative force in my life, depending on how I choose. Looking back at my 20+ years of having diabetes, it is easy for me to see that diabetes has helped me gain an advantage more often in life than it has held me back. I hope to inspire others to find their diabetes advantage.

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