Dan Kennedy

Associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University and WGBH News contributor

Dan Kennedy is an associate professor of <a href="">journalism at Northeastern University</a> in Boston and a nationally known media commentator who writes for the <em><a href="">Nieman Journalism Lab</a></em>, <a href=""></a>, the <a href=""><em>Huffington Post</em></a> and other publications. He is a panelist on <a href=""><em>Beat the Press</em>,</a> an award-winning weekly media roundtable on WGBH-TV. A former media columnist for the <em><a href="">Guardian</a>,</em> <em><a href="">CommonWealth</a> </em>magazine and the <em>Boston Phoenix</em>, he is a past winner of the National Press Club's Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism. His most recent book, <a href=""><em>The Wired City: Reimagining Journalism and Civic Life in the Post-Newspaper Age</em></a> (University of Massachusetts, 2013), is an examination of the <a href=""><em>New Haven Independent</em></a> and other local and regional news sites.