David Goldstein


David Goldstein is an accidental activist who stumbled into politics in 2003 with a satirical statewide initiative to officially proclaim WA's serial anti-tax initiative sponsor, Tim Eyman, "a horse's ass." A conscientious political press corp, weary of Eyman's outrageous antics, turned its coverage to Goldstein's outrageous antics, sparking a spontaneous grassroots movement to gather nearly 50,000 signatures before a humorless Attorney General managed to get an equally humorless judge to issue an injunction shutting down the campaign.

A year later Goldstein transformed his campaign website into a local, political blog. A mix of snark, satire, muckraking, and surprisingly thoughtful analysis, quickly became the most influential blog in WA state, and one of the most widely read local political blogs in the nation. HA is best known nationally for breaking the story about former FEMA Director Mike Brown and his disastrous tenure at the International Arabian Horse Association.

Goldstein was born in Philadelphia, and now lives in Seattle with his daughter, dog, cat, and everybody else who lives in Seattle. In addition to blogging, he is the creator of the world's most widely pirated rhyming dictionary software, and the co-author of an Off-Broadway musical flop. Goldstein can be heard pontificating about politics as a fill-in host on Newsradio 710-KIRO, and on his weekly podcast from the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally, at Podcasting Liberally.