Esmeralda Williamson-Noble

Writer, activist

Italian. Wife, mother of four children, seeker & writer.

Interested in sustainable development. Prefers to eat local, and therefore, seasonal food, whenever possible. Esmeralda loves her amazing children, husband, family and friends. She loves writing, reading, knitting, cooking, traveling, laughing, sleeping, meditating, day-dreaming and she loves words, how they look, how they sound, how to use them. Ultimately though, in her opinion, the longing for the perfect word is but an expression of the deeper longing for our Self. Esmeralda is a realtor. She is the founder of the Windflower Ball in New York City, now known as First Candle Charity Ball and she is a member of the national advisory council of First Candle/SIDS Alliance. Spiritually drawn to the East, Esmeralda is a student of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, Amma.

Heartbroken by the loss of her son Andrew to suicide, Esmeralda is committed to bringing awareness and understanding to this tragic subject.