Jeanine Molloff

Veteran urban educator

Jeanine Molloff is a veteran urban educator of some 20+ years specializing in Communication Disorders. During her professional tenure she has witnessed an entire host of 'reforms' and other various three-ring political circuses bent on 'reinventing the wheel.' Recognizing that 'education' is VERY political; she is determined to help restore academic freedom in our nation's schools. In her free time Jeanine has worked on issues oriented political campaigns. Favorite issues include environmental justice, educational/academic freedom, and the restoration of our Bill of Rights. Jeanine is also a subject of biographical record in several Who's Who volumes, including Who's Who Among America's Top Teachers and Who's Who In America. Her articles on press freedom in an era of increasing censorship (governmental and corporate) have been included in WikiLeaks mirror sites. She is also a contributing author to OpEdNews, Truthout, BuzzFlash Counterpunch and Firedoglake under the username of 'jeanine4truth.' She will be launching her own blog just in time for Halloween 2011-- titled...Playing with Fire and LOVING it!