Jessi Andricks

Health Coach at and author of the books Detox 101 and The Smoothie Life.

Jessi Andricks, author of Detox 101 and The Smoothie Life, is an emerging leader in the field of healthy, holistic living. Through her training in Health Coaching, Yoga, and mind-body fitness, she's able to blend together the best of all worlds to create innovative online and private wellness programs. Jessi fuses together clean eating basics, empowering fitness, and coaching techniques to help clients can live the happy, healthy lives they deserve. Jessi is a contributor to and has been published both Mantra Yoga+Health Magazine and Yoga Magazine. Her mission is to help people live the happy, healthy life they deserve. Get in touch with Jessi at and look for her books, Detox 101 and The Smoothie Life now available.