Michelle Manning Barish

Political Activist, Social Change Media Maker, Prepper and Mom.

Michelle Manning Barish has been a political activist for a decade, having started when her younger brother was deployed to Iraq during the troop surge.

She has appeared in a large number of videos for and Art Not War, as well as various self produced videos on the subject. She spoke publicly against the Iraq war in front of the US Senate and also several other large rallies. She has spoken out in front of the entire Church of the Lord in Brooklyn in the wake of the Treyvon Martin Shooting, and after doing weeks of relief work in the Rockaways, revealed the American Red Cross's invisibility after Sandy, in a piece that was published, long before any one would touch it. She has studied Urban Humanitarian Emergency Crisis Management at Harvard University, and has gone on to make an informative video on preparedness.

Her purpose and passion is to create positive social change, revealing injustices and inspiring others through mindfulness and a feeling of empowerment and connectedness to create the change in the world we all hope to see. Michelle is a single mother living in New York City.