Rick Foster

Author, speaker, consultant, and co-creator of the Sustainable Happiness Course.

Rick Foster and his partner, Greg Hicks, have dedicated themselves to studying people and communities that thrive. Their extensive research has taken them to all seven continents and generated a roadmap to happiness, physical wellbeing, and, ultimately, success. This model is now being studied internationally by mind-body researchers, and is the basis of Rick’s training work in leadership, organizational wellness and productivity, health, and wealth management.

Rick is also co-creator (with Greg Hicks and Dr. Catherine O'Brien) of the Sustainable Happiness Course (, an online experience that links personal happiness with the long term wellbeing of our world.

Rick is a frequent keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer. He works in the U.S. and worldwide with such clients as G.E., AXA Financial, The Mayo Clinic, Stanford University Medical Center, New York University Medical Center, Wells Fargo, and The Zenith.

Rick is on the faculty of the American Hospital Association’s Patient Safety Fellowship Program, and has taught at UC Berkeley and San Jose State University.

Rick’s newest book, (co-authored with Greg Hicks), is Happiness & Health. His first book, (again, with Greg Hicks), the best-selling How We Choose to Be Happy (PenguinPutnam), was nominated as Best Motivational Book by the prestigious Books for a Better Life and was selected as one of the Book of the Month Club’s Best Books of the Year. Translated into 15 languages, the book is being used by businesses, hospitals and universities around the world. And, Rick and Greg have written a children’s book, The Martha Is Mine, an Almost True Story.

Rick has appeared on dozens of T.V. and radio shows, and has been featured in such magazines as Health, Fitness, Working Mother, Fit, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Ebony and Readers’ Digest. He has a particular love of blogging and late-night live radio talk shows.

Rick can be reached at: or