10 Crazy Fun Holiday Gifts For You And Your Grandchild

With these games and toys, everyone can get in on the action.

Watching your grandchild unwrap the perfect gift is an amazing experience, but so is enjoying the new gift together. If you’re not sure what to buy this holiday season, here are ten toys and games where the whole family can have fun together.

1. Pie Face Showdown

Made famous by a grandfather and grandson duo, the game Pie Face took over family game nights worldwide last year. This year, Hasbro is putting your whipped cream fate back in your own hands with Pie Face Showdown. In this updated version of the game, two players go head to head and place their face in a frame. Each player tries to hit his or her button the fastest, to send the whipped cream flying into the other player’s face. This game is great for players ages 4 and up, and will sweeten up the holidays for the whole family.  

Price: $19.82

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2. Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs have been around for 100 years, and today’s kids can enjoy all of the log cabin building fun that you did when you were young. The 100th Anniversary Tin includes more than 100 real wooden building pieces that are just like the original. The entire set is made in the U.S., and there are more than enough pieces for everyone to get in on the nostalgic fun together. 

Price: $31.99 

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3. Spirograph Shapes

Spirograph was probably a favorite of yours—it has been around for decades. But this year, the drawing toy is taking new shape. Spirograph Shapes features shaped gears and wheels, such as hearts, stars, and triangles that let creative geniuses make beautiful and unique spiral designs. The kit includes two design books and three pens, so you can spin and draw right alongside your grandkids. 

Price: $19.19

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4. Folkmanis Puppets

Puppets are great for storytelling, especially for younger kids, but don’t just sit in the audience—get in on the action! Folkmanis animal puppets feature tons of movement and are super soft plush. They are sure to last kids a lifetime, and even double as cuddly stuffed animals when showtime is over. 

Price: Hand puppets start at $13.99+

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5. SelfieMic

You may think you know how to karaoke, but Moose Toys is bringing the fun of a singalong into the 21st century with SelfieMic. The microphone is attached to a selfie stick, and kids can place their smartphone into the dock. Then, they download the StarMaker app and record themselves—or you!—singing all their favorite songs. The selfie stick is long enough for big groups to get in on the fun of making music videos. 

Price: $19.99

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6. Rubik’s Race

The Rubik’s Cube is a timeless challenge, but University Games is making it more competitive than ever with Rubik’s Race. This two-player game is perfect for kids ages 7 and up, and is a true test of speed and logic. Players must shake the scrambler, lock in the pattern, and then try to move their tiles to get the inner 9-square grid to match what’s on the scrambler. A great game for kids and adults alike, Rubik’s Race is an exciting game that takes just a few minutes to play. 

Price: $14.99

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7. Mini Arcade Game

Remember the days of heading the arcade to play games like Space Invaders? You can relive the glory days of gaming with your grandkids with Mini Arcade Games. These tiny replicas of the 8-bit classic games really work, and are a true blast from the past. Eat up the ghosts as Pac Man or blast away enemies in Space Invadors. 

Price: $24.90

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8. Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Kit

Baking Christmas cookies is a great bonding experience, and it’s important to continue to pass down those family recipes. But cooking can be tough for kids. Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Kit includes kid-sized utensils, and innovative features like an egg cracker to take the frustration out of cooking. There’s even a bowl that suctions to the table so kids can stir mixes and batters with ease.

Price: $19.99

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9. LEGO Classic Building Brick Set

LEGOs let kids explore the deepest depths of their imaginations. With a box of bricks, kids can build endless creations. The LEGO Classic Creative Building Basket features 1,000 LEGO bricks in 42 different colors. The included idea book will inspire kids to build nine different models, or build anything they want. Grab a handful of bricks and build something together, or take turns adding to one build to see where it goes. 

Price: $ 59.95

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10. .Gigantic Step & Play Piano

The movie Big, starring Tom Hanks, is one of the best feel-good movies of all time. Now, kids and grownups can live out the magic of the iconic piano scene with the Gigantic Step & Play Piano from ALEX Toys. This oversized vinyl mat features eight different sounds and four different play modes, so you can make your own rendition of Heart & Soul, Chopsticks, and other songs. 

Price: 39.99

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