10 Free Must-Read Street Photography eBooks

Image Copyright Michael Ernest Sweet Courtesy of Brooklyn Arts Press

Photography books are expensive, really expensive. I've collected dozens and dozens over the years and I kind of feel as though I have tied up a lot of money in books. It's not a bad thing, but I do wonder about the end result. Will I ever recoup my investment? Maybe. Certainly those who snapped up a first edition of "The Decisive Moment" are in luck. But it's always a gamble and always expensive.

There is an alternative, supposing you just want to read about photography and see photographs - ebooks. These digital dandies are a lot less expensive, take up virtually no room (excuse the pun) and some are even FREE! Over the past few years many really great street photography ebooks have been published. Okay, so the titles lack creativity - most simply titled "Street Photography" but, again, they are FREE! Here is a list with links for your reading enjoyment:

Explore Flickr by Thomas Leuthard - a great ebook loaded with both photographs and information about Flickr. Leuthard is a notable figure on the street photography scene and he has produced some great ebooks - all of which are free!

Collecting Souls by Thomas Leuthard - In this ebook Leuthard tells all about his passion for street photography. Laying bare his technique, philosophy, and approach, Leuthard takes the reader on a journey through his work and dishes up heaps of sound advice for the novice beginner along the way. A great read!

Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard - Yet another great title from celebrated street photographer Thomas Leuthard. In this book, again, Leuthard doles out advice or the novice while taking the reader on a general tour around his aesthetic and body of work. There is a stillness - a silence - in all of Leuthard's photographs (despite their urban backdrop) which compels the viewer to linger over the photographs and inhale the scene like a drug - an opiate. One really must be wary of addiction. A must read!

Street Faces by Thomas Leuthard - Another free digital title by Leuthard, this one focuses on the up close and personal approach to the street portrait. The street portrait is another kind of animal from the general street photo, especially if one considers the street photo in it's broadest possible sense. In this great ebook, Leuthard takes us on a tour of his fabulous street portraits and coaches us in the most gentle of ways toward making our own portraits on the pavement.

Street Photography An eBook by Alex Coghe - I love Alex's photography - it's edgy, rough, gritty, and downright nasty, like much of my own work. He has learned the Japanese school and learned it well. At the same time his work is fresh and unique and doesn't merely copy those before him - although he does do this unabashedly on occasion. But even then, he does it with such arrogance and force that one can't but love it. This book is a good intro to Alex Coghe the photographer.

Street Photography by Alex Coghe - Okay, so Alex is not too creative when it comes to titles. This is a different book from the one above, despite the same title. His photographs though more than make up for the lack of unique titles, so don't miss this free ebook in addition to the one mentioned above. This volume contains many more stunning examples of his dedication to the gritty school of Moriyama and Araki

The Street Collective Volume One by Various Photographers - This free ebook brings you expert advice, tips, and photographs, from some of active photographers in street photography today. A look at the Masters and what they can teach you to why you should be a street photographer. It's all in here. So download now and get reading!

Street Photography by Daniel Hoffmann - a free ebook which is somewhat unique in that it restrains itself from a lot of gear talk and focuses not only on photographs, but commentary on photographs. Commentary is provided by Ronald Beams.

Street Photography for the Purist by Chris Weeks - Okay, I have not read this one yet. But it's a monster coming in a over 160 pages. Lots of good looking monochrome images at first blush, likely a hit. Dig in and report back!

The Street Photography Bible by Michael Ernest Sweet - Well, what can I say? This is my own ebook on street photography. In this book I just lay out my approach to working the streets with a camera. I don't pretend to profess absolutes or that my philosophy is good for everyone. Regardless, I think there is something for everyone here in one way or another. A lighthearted and easy read, this ebook is a good overview of my approach to make a street photograph. Additionally, the book is populated with photographs from my Human Fragment project.