10 Productivity Tips, Tricks, Hacks for Entrepreneurs

New, old, stale. Entrepreneurs get to have many tag-names added to their title. I believe that entrepreneurs are the people who build something of value, perhaps something that anyone could have built before, but didn't because the time wasn't right. Are entrepreneurs known for their perfect timing?
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New, old, stale. Entrepreneurs get to have many tag-names added to their title. I believe that entrepreneurs are the people who build something of value, perhaps something that anyone could have built before, but didn't because the time wasn't right. Are entrepreneurs known for their perfect timing?

I think I've got a pretty good grasp on "all things entrepreneurs", but there is always more room for growth. There's always that opportunity coming your way, that new business deal. Perhaps, it's something more exciting - like traveling arrangements. It's all great, but it comes at the cost of our own productivity.

Well, unless you're focused only on one particular thing in your field of choice, you're most likely open to opportunities about pretty much anything that relates to your subject. But, like I said, the price we have to pay is our productivity. Letting yourself to be thrown around, can and will drain your energy resources.


So, here's my unique list of tips, tricks and hacks that you - the entrepreneur - can use whenever you like, or whenever it feels the most appropriate. Each tip might have a different effect on you, but mostly we're looking for ways to organize, manage, and combine our workflow.

1. Morning Routine

Remember this: whatever you do in the morning, is going to have an impact on the overall quality of the rest of your day. For example, waking up and feeling regretful of last nights events is not going to help you at all. Instead, waking up and feeling happy to be alive is going to give you the right energy boost to start the day right.

My routine consists of meditation, healthy breakfast, exercise, and work!

2. Meaningful Work

You've been there, stuck doing work that is neither getting you anyway, neither is it in any way fulfilling. I've learned that working on what I love (like the CodeCondo project) is the same as never getting tired of what you do. By engaging in a meaningful project (if only for 49% of the time) you're giving yourself the space you need to regenerate, learn, and help others. I love to write, but I also love to build something. I pick whichever feels right at the time, and stick to it.

3. Analyze Data

As an entrepreneur, you're constantly exposed to new data, to new cool things being built. If you're anything like me - stuck in the loop of continuous evolution of the web as we know it - then you know how difficult it can get to try and understand many things at once. Both - data mining & data analysis can be very helpful towards your specific goals and needs.

4. Constant Flow on Social Media

In the end, everything that you've done as a business person is going to come down to how many people have you helped, and what kind of value have those people gotten out of you.

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important. -- Brian Honigman

I recommend using something like BufferApp, very handy tool and comes to about ten dollars each month if you want to keep unlimited stock of social posts to send out. Or, you feel you won't have time to fill those gaps up? Buffer offers specific post suggestions that refresh on daily basis.

5. Screw Clutter!

Technically, you should only be reading and analyzing content when you've got the appropriate amount of time to do it at your disposal. Scrambling together some pieces of content over the course of your day - well, it isn't really learning, or reading for that matter. It's clutter. It's distraction, and disadvantage.

You're a business person, an entrepreneur - people expect you to be sharp, so try and find ways to minimize that clutter in your life. You won't believe how big of an impact can a clean (over dirty) desk make towards the amount of work you do, or even your overall mood levels.

6. Try a Cafe

I've found that spicing things up in my schedule can have a really positive effect. In fact, a few months ago - I specifically began some mini-research on which are the best places in my town to go and work at in the early morning hours. I had to take many things into consideration, but I later learned that the quality of coffee is far more important than the amount of space you've got to sit on.

Try to visit a Cafe for the next week or so. You can use it to write down your goals for the day, answer your emails from the last day, as well as to catch up on the latest news in your industry. Plus, in the early hours - most cafes will be dead up until 10:30am.

7. Know Your Priorities

Look, if you don't know what your priorities are, why are you even trying to be an entrepreneur? I'll usually stick with two major projects at any given time, trying to take on the 3rd one is only going to cause confusion, and unnecessary headache. But, even with two projects that are active full-time; I'll try and map my priorities accordingly.

You never know who you might have to hire, or what you may need to change and adjust on your product, but you should always know what your priorities are at any given moment. Is it building the customer base? Is it about building better relationships with current clients? Whatever it is, know it.

8. Make Lists About Lists!

You see, in the worst case scenario - you'd only be making lists, which is totally sufficient to aid you with invaluable experience. Making lists has proved to be one of the best ways of coming up with new business ideas, ironing out 'mind bugs', and also for learning more about my experience so-far in the field of business.

9. Reward Yourself

Listen, if you - for a second - think that all you have to do is work hard and make money, then boy - you've been hanging out with the wrong people! Of course, it's not healthy to just spend, but neither is it healthy to just work!

When you're working hard at something--like a diet or a budget--it's okay to reward yourself for hitting a milestone. The ideal reward, however, is one that doesn't set back your progress. -- Lifehacker

Always give yourself time for downtime. Go places, spend those few extra dollars. Feel financially free, feel empowered by your success, and everything else that is coming your way. I had to poke myself really hard to accept the fact that it's okay to reward yourself!

10. Nine-to-Five: Forget It!

Right, for my last entrepreneur hack today - I'd like to suggest that you quit the 9-5 working schedule, and find something that really resonates with you, and your values. I found that giving up on a set working schedule has given me the freedom to make better decisions, and perhaps even has taught me to appreciate opportunities more.

In the past, I'd signup for everything that came my way, now - I feel that I can analyze something, before agreeing to the final decision. Yeah, whatever work schedule you choose to work with - acknowledge that you're moving forward, and if you're not - make the necessary adjustments.

Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Hey, like I said - keep things simple, and adapt to whatever feels right. You may find that with time, your overall productivity ratio has climbed up some points, and perhaps you're even finding the long looked for free time!

My question to you is quite simple: what is your favorite productivity hack that you feel comfortable sharing with everyone else?