10 U.S. States With The Slowest Internet Speeds

Pando Networks, which specializes in cloud-based media delivery, has completed a six-month "Nationwide ISP and Network Study" to determine the fastest and slowest Internet speeds and download success rates for each U.S. state.

A side-by-side comparison of the 10 states with the fastest Internet speeds and the 10 states with the slowest speeds reveals striking dissimilarities. According to Pando Networks data, “the fastest state was Rhode Island at an average of 894 KBps, which was almost three times faster than the slowest state [See slideshow], which had a dismal 318KBps."

Generally speaking, Pando's report indicates that the slowest Internet speeds tend to be found in the country's rural areas. As social media and other online services become vital business tools for the agriculture industry, some companies are working toward solutions to the problem of unequal broadband Internet access. For example, Verizon and AT&T have teamed with four other telecoms to propose subsidized high-speed connections for underserved regions.

It’s worth noting that Pando's research differs from an early study conducted by Akamai Technologies. For example, while Pando Networks found Nebraska to have the ninth-slowest Internet connection in the country, Akamai’s report indicates that the Great Plains state ranked only 20th among the slowest states.

Check out our slideshow (below) to view the 10 slowest states, according to Pando. For readers who find themselves living in one of the states listed, we want to hear what you think of the Internet connection in your community, and whether you think high-speed net access should be a priority. If you're considering upgrading your ISP, then you might want to check out the FCC’s ‘National Broadband Map’, which helps residents identify the fastest Internet service providers in their local area.

Key: KBps = Kilobytes Per Second